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DASIN, the name that has been recognized in the industrial fan design and manufacturing field. We started operations in the Taiwan in 1969, with our first factory manufacturing fan accessories such as motors, fan guards and others. And eventually, we manufactured the complete industrial fan under our own brand Dasin®.

Throughout our years of operation, we became very well versed in every single part of a fan and also on the procedure to manufacture quality products. Our products are all manufactured to the standard of CE, UL, JET (Japan) and we are awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

DASIN services include designing and engineering, custom built-to-specification for industrial fan, blowers, exhausters and ventilators.

Beside that, we also supply fan parts, components and do OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing).

With our continuous effort of 35 years in this business, DASIN had manufactured hundreds of thousands of fans, distributed to many part of the world such as Japan, South America, North America and Middle East as well.

DASIN offers flexibility in design and construction of fans, coupled with superior service before and after the sale. We aimed to meet the needs of different groups of customers whom may have different expectations.

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