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M I N I B L O W E R - E X H A U S T F A N


The Mini Fans are well designed & strong structure, with 04 pieces of permanent magnet attached on foot base the fan can be sticked on any steel surface for convenient purpose.

The fans can be used for:

- Cooling for babies or small machine, equipment, laptop...

- Easy to be carried out and use on public places Specifications:

- Aluminium or galvanized steel impellers

- Strong and durable motor

- Fan guards: Steel, Galvanised Steel over coating, Stainless steel available

- Permanent Magnet mounted Foot base for hanging purpose

- Coating Color: Silver, black, white ...



The Mini blower - exhaust fan from Dasin is designed to be firmly strong as a mini gang cannon, it has a squirrel-cage blower design, create more air flow with high speed. the entire fan is made of galvanized steel over powder coating which strengthen its durability. The advantages the mini blower are flexible to move around, it can be used as an exhaust fan or blower fan, The purpose of this blower fan is to dry the floor, exhaust smoke in the kitchen, restaurant, toilet, ...


- Main materials: Steel frame structure,

- Double inlet impeller = Durable motor with 3 speed setting

- Plastic handle

- Plastic guard grill

- Coating Color: Silver, black, white ...




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