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😍Today, we will introduce you one fan proper for textile factory - TANK FAN

These fans are developed based on idea of TANK

  • Blade diameter is long: Tank fan is designed with blade diameter from 24 - 60 inches, much longer than other fan.
  • High air flow: Fan head is put on firm "U" frame. Fan can be adjusted up and down 360 degree to cool air above fan or cool on floor.
  • Wheel instaledd: Base is installed wheels to move easily. The width is short to save area and storage fan easily.
  • High durability: Motor is made from Japan ball-bearing, close motor to limit dust, so the lifespan is longer than other normal fan.


Today, Dasin will introduce one model used popularly in Japan market.

TANK-2460 (Premium design)

  • Blade diameter: 24 inches
  • Direct drive or belt drive
  • Close motor or open motor with 100% copper wire
  • Metal blades with 3 impellers
  • Two rubber wheels help moving easier and faster
  • Coated steel guards, housing to protect from moving blades
  • Energy efficiency & Strong performance


✍Are you finding fans for outdoor/indoor events like: wedding, meeting,...?

👉We will suggest another models TANK-3076 for your demand.

  1. Specification:
  • 220V/50Hz, Air speed: 441m/min
  • Airflow: 263m3/min, Am: 1.51A
  • Power: 254W, RPM: 930
  • Blade diameter: 30 inches



👉Today, Dasin will introduce special size of TANK series "TANK-40100"

These fans are ideal for cooling workers in factories/warehouses, gymnasiums, construction sites,...


  • 220V/50Hz, Air speed: 480m/min
  • Airflow: 407m3/min, Am: 1.69A
  • Power: 334W, RPM: 625
  • Blade diameter: 40 inches (100cm)



TANK-50125 fans are used in warehouses for cooling workers; gymnasiums; flood restoration in buildings and homes to help in the drying process of floors and walls; construction sites where there may be dust and other particulates in the air.

  • High Velocity stand Fan
  • Blade diameter: 50 inches
  • Close motor or Open motor
  • Metal blades with 4 impellers
  • Two rubber wheels help moving easier and faster
  • Coated steel guards
  • Energy efficiency & strong performance
  • 220V/50Hz, air flow: 415m3/min
  • Power: 580W, RPM: 405, NW: 52.4kg
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